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Lazy summer meanderings

There are afternoons I go browsing around home decor stores… and see some lovely finds,

like this dusty wooden wheel bench begging to be taken home.

three little white chickens that would look good in anyone’s garden;

lovely decors for the foyer, credenza, or bedside lamps, take your pick;

candle lanterns to light up those cool summer nights sitting outside…

and then I find myself yearning for home after these meanderings… where an indulgence awaits…

a precious, small summer black truffle straight from the soils of Northern Italy

and the rest of the ingredients, De Cecco pasta + anchovies & dinner is whipped

Black truffle linguine served with slices of salmon terrine + an accompanying glass or two of your favorite vino rosso.

Ah, the sweet memories of a simple, lazy summer afternoon at home…

The Abaca Design Love Seat

Your home needs that one centerpiece furniture

for the conversation of your dinner guests  to swirl around it…

Abaca furniture is created from the fibre of banana trees. The outer layer of the tree is stripped, and left in the sun to dry. Once dried, the fibre becomes the ideal material for producing furniture.

The fibre is a popular choice for furniture manufacturing because it’s natural golden or dark brown tones is beautiful and tough. Once twisted into ropes, it can take any shape and is very difficult to damage the fibre. The ropes, which can assume any shape, are intertwined around aluminum frames to produce an exquisite form. This explains why furniture pieces made from abaca are so interesting in design and usually becomes an attractive centerpiece in any home.

Abaca furniture looks best in a laid back and relaxed setting that is meant for lounging or entertainment. The material evokes a holiday feel to its setting.

The abaca design love seat above goes on Summer Sale next week for the entire month of August from €1095 to €999. Visit us at our showroom at Unit 86, LeefTrends at the Binckhorstlaan in The Hague.  Limited stocks available, offer is valid until supply last.