Lazy summer meanderings

There are afternoons I go browsing around home decor stores…¬†and see some lovely finds,

like this dusty wooden wheel bench begging to be taken home.

three little white chickens that would look good in anyone’s garden;

lovely decors for the foyer, credenza, or bedside lamps, take your pick;

candle lanterns to light up those cool summer nights sitting outside…

and then I find myself yearning for home after these meanderings… where an indulgence awaits…

a precious, small summer black truffle straight from the soils of Northern Italy

and the rest of the ingredients, De Cecco pasta + anchovies & dinner is whipped

Black truffle linguine served with slices of salmon terrine + an accompanying glass or two of your favorite vino rosso.

Ah, the sweet memories of a simple, lazy summer afternoon at home…

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