Fauteuil Nemo by Fabio Novembre

Eyes at the back of your head … or between.

This chair has caught my eye for quite some time now as I pass by it everyday, right at the corner of my house.  I finally walked into the shop today and asked its owner all about it.  Here is the information I gleaned.

This arm chair reportedly debuted at Salon del Mobile in Milan 2010.  It is designed by Italian architect Fabio Novembre who is known for his “anthropomorphic” designs, among others.  It is made of polyethylene (a very hard kind of plastic).

It is available in white, red and black for EUR 1,045.00 and is possible for both indoor or outdoor placements.

This chair reminds me that just because it’s not exactly something that one would personally choose or buy doesn’t mean that it’s not interesting … or beautiful.

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