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Between airports

LauraKirsten is on the move, having spent the last three months on holiday in sunny Cebu island.  We’re continuously searching for the next collection and the next destination to feature great accents and furniture that goes into the making of a beautiful interior.

And while we are scouring furniture shows, Manila’s recently concluded and two are ongoing in Cebu and Kuala Lumpur as we speak — or write, we stumble on a lot of fascinating and cheerful sights along the way.  So let us start by chronicling this journey where it all began: Schipol Airport in Amsterdam.

Love it when an international airport departs from looking just like one of the many sleek and modern airports, which if you travel often enough, you won’t be able to tell one from the other.  We haven’t seen any airport embracing it’s national identity  and showcasing it in such a playful and accessible way as Schipol does.


Avenue Culinaire

Schipol goes Delft Blue

Coffee anyone?